Digital Marketing Myths – Part 2

Digital Marketing Myths – Part 2

Another Top 4 Digital Marketing Myths

In our previous post, we talked about 4 digital marketing myths and their actual realities. In this blog, we shall continue with 4 more Digital Marketing Myths which may actually surprise you.


Myth: Unique Content Creation Is Enough

Reality: Better change your mindset if you have been thinking like this because if you actually want to beat out your competition you would have not only create unique content but also high-quality ones that are excellent and innovative. This can be in the form of audio, image or video. Again you should always have a strategy to make your content get more attention on your particular platform you are one. There are numerous tactics on “How to get the business noticed on social media?” that talks about how to obtain social media marketing results.


Myth: Paid Ads will be immensely profitable immediately

Reality: A lot of companies and digital marketers believe this surprisingly. That’s why most just promote ads with no “Control Tactics” to analyze how well these ads are doing. Although paid ads do give you a better chance of turning a profit due to its comparatively cheaper and more targeted nature of promoting your business, it doesn’t guarantee positive ROI. These “Control Tactics” involve creating ads that convert and show them to your target audience. You would also need to test different versions of your ads and retarget those that have interacted with them.


Myth: Creating innovative ideas for business is simple

Reality: Definitely not. The reality is it can be very difficult to come up with an amazing idea for your digital marketing campaign. Thinking outside the box to get interesting and fresh ideas for your business may not always hit the nail on the head. That’s why many people rely on professional digital agencies to study the market for innovating ideas that would attract new customers to their business. These ideas sometimes materialize through the trying, testing and experimentation of other ideas which may not have worked well.


Myth: Digital marketing is “set it and forget it”

Reality: Facebook and Instagram ads and campaigns need to be constantly monitored. There is a possibility of fans/audiences getting tired of your content and making your Cost per Mile The number of eyeballs on your ad may also reduce or maybe the ad that seemed to work well a few days before may start to underperform. That’s why you should always be watchful of all your ads and campaigns. Remember to periodically change your ad’s written copy and creative design or even try incorporating new ideas into your ads and scale up those that are performing well.

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