Fast Track Digital Marketing Workshop

Fast Track

Digital marketing is driving the agenda across organisations particularly in marketing departments and it is gradually becoming the most important sales and marketing channels available to business. Organizations of all sizes are coming to terms with the impact of the internet on their business. It is therefore essential for all marketing practitioners to understand and be able to utilise these digital channels effectively.

This course is designed to enable you understand how to take advantage of digital tools and techniques weaving them together to create an effective digital marketing strategy. It will explore digital marketing in enough detail to give you a sound understanding of its key issues, current trends, technological applications and possibilities.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Clear understanding of digital marketing, its value and importance to your marketing strategy.
  • Creating, developing and implementing an effective digital marketing plan using tools, techniques and online applications available.
  • Synchronising and integrating digital marketing plans into the overall marketing strategy.
  • Using digital marketing tools as a major driver for customer relationship building and management.
  • Significance of creativity in using digital marketing rising from a deep understanding of the fundamental difference between digital marketing and other traditional marketing methods.

Target Audience

  • Professionals who need to understand digital marketing or get more out of their digital channels.
  • Marketing practitioners who want to fast-track their career or improve their position in the market place.
  • Small business owners who need to maximise online channels for growing their business.
  • Job seekers and students who want to up skill in digital marketing.

Proposed Course Content

1. Introduction

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Integrating digital marketing with the overall marketing strategy
  • Definitions and terminologies
  • How do people use the Internet?
  • Target Consumer Behaviour


2. Planning and Strategy

  • What is different about planning online?
  • Some planning models to build with
  • Budgeting – why it is different in digital marketing
  • A few legal considerations


3. Gathering Data

  • Why you need to identify individuals
  • What data do you need to gather?
  • Click-stream data – you are what you click


4. Website Design and Usability

  • Setting objectives
  • Planning your website – functionality, navigation and content
  • Customer personas and customer journeys
  • Copywriting for the web
  • Usability testing – how to make sure things are working
  • What’s new – on-demand video, mash-ups, user generated content

5. Tracking and Measurement

  • What can you measure and how do you measure
  • What does ‘good’ look like – key metrics
  • Traffic-driving – advertising, search, email, affiliates and referrals
  • Web measurement – what you can track and how you can use it


6. Testing in Digital Marketing

  • Why online is a testing paradise
  • How do you test?
  • What can you test?


7. Creative Considerations

  • How is writing for the web different to offline?
  • Costs, skills and time-scales – how to manage the creative process
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • An integrated creative experience from offline to online


8. The Digital Marketing Toolkit

  • Display Advertising – pricing, creative and optimisation
  • SEO – what is it and how do you do it better?
  • Paid Search – what is it and how do you do it better?
  • Social Media – Channels, use and measurement
  • Affiliate Marketing – what is it and how do you do it better?
  • Email marketing – acquisition and retention
  • Viral Marketing – why it’s hard to get right
  • Online PR – what are the secrets?
  • Other acquisition tools – gaming, blogging, podcasting

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VENUE: Dzorwulu, Accra
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Course Facilitator

Princewill Omorogiuwa

Chief Digital Enabler


Google Adwords Certified

Chartered Marketer

3rdFloor Digital


Princewill Omorogiuwa has over 18 years experience in sales and marketing including 10 years in digital marketing. He runs a successful Digital Marketing Agency (3rdFloor Digital) with operations in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya. He also runs the largest CIM Accredited Study Centre in Africa (Simon Page College of Marketing). Omorogiuwa, is an engaging public speaker and an award-winning trainer. He was a senior lecturer for marketing at London Metropolitan University and has consulted for various Blue chip organisations in Africa and in the UK. He holds an MSc in Marketing Management from Glamorgan University, Wales and an MBA from Kingston University Business School, UK. He is a Chartered Marketer , Fellow of the CIM, UK and Google Certified.